Intermediate School Arrival and Dismissal



  • In the interest of safety and order, it is important that students not arrive at school too early in the morning. They should NOT arrive before 7:45 AM.
  • Breakfast begins at 7:45 AM.  Students may enter the building and report directly to the cafeteria, get a grab and go breakfast and eat there.
  • If your child has already eaten, they may go to the Media Center to Check Out/Return books or they may walk the track if the weather cooperates.
  • Our goal is to have breakfast wrapped up and completed by 8:05 AM, if you bring your child after 8:05 AM, please make sure they have eaten breakfast before dropping them off.  
  • Breakfast ends at 8:05 am. 
  • Students will be counted tardy at 8:10.




Car riders dismiss at 3:02, bus riders dismiss at 3:07.